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Exporting a VoiceBot Call Report from VOIQ

What can a VoiceBot do for you?

VOIQ VoiceBots automates your sales, marketing and service calls by having conversations with your leads and customers over the phone. They can call your contacts to remind them of an upcoming meeting/event/payment, schedule meetings, engage prospects who've recently downloaded marketing content, qualify leads, and so on.

Let's export your first VoiceBot Call Report from VOIQ

You can watch the video or follow our step-by-step instructions below! 




1. Sign in to your VOIQ Account

Sign in to your VOIQ account here.

  • If you've already created a campaign in your account, click the QA tab on the left-hand bar, then proceed to step 2.
  • If you have a VOIQ account but haven't created a campaign yet, click New Campaign in the upper left-hand corner and follow the instructions on how to create a new campaign from the VOIQ app.

Sign in

2. Export Calls Report

Once logged in, click on the QA tab on the left-hand bar. Next, click on the filter icon and from the dropdown menu, click on Campaign to look for the campaign you want to export the results from. 

QA-Campaign filter

  • Type in the Campaign Name and then click Add

QA-Campaign Name

  • Click on All Calls to see all the calls from that campaign that were QA-ed or reviewed beforehand. 

QA-All Calls

  • From the Filters section on the left-hand side, click Export Report. An excel file will be downloaded to your computer. 

QA-Export report

3. Review the Results of your Report

In the Excel file, you'll find all the information of your campaign including: the contact name, the recording URL (so you can listen to the call), and the call disposition or outcome. In this example, it was a successful call, since the contact picked-up the call and was able to have a conversation with the VoiceBot, Additionally, you'll see the campaign name, the answer given by the contact if your campaign has a multi-question script, the duration of the call, any additional notes after the call was QA-ed, the number of call attempts, and the date when the call was made. 

QA-Excel file


Check out our Support Page or email us at support@voiq.com for help with any questions about our VoiceBots.