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Creating a VoiceBot Campaign on VOIQ

What can a VoiceBot do for you?

VOIQ VoiceBots automate your sales, marketing and service calls by having conversations with your leads and customers over the phone. They can call your contacts to remind them of an upcoming meeting/event/payment, schedule meetings, engage prospects who've recently downloaded marketing content, qualify leads, and so on.

Let's create your first VoiceBot Campaign on VOIQ

There are two reasons why you'd use the VOIQ platform to create your VoiceBot campaigns, either (1) you want to use a multi-question script for your VoiceBot, in which case you have to build your script on VOIQ, or (2) you do not use any of the CRM integrations we currently offer, and want to launch VoiceBots from the VOIQ platform instead.

You can watch the video or follow our step-by-step instructions below! 


1. Sign in to your VOIQ Account

Sign in to your VOIQ account here.

Sign in

2. Create a New Campaign

Once logged in, click on New Campaign in the upper left-hand corner. Next, type in the name of your campaign. A Campaign Name is simply the name you assign to this VoiceBot call script, so that we can track and measure any calls you make with this same script in the VOIQ dashboard.

Create Campaign

3. Edit your Campaign Settings

  • From the Setup view, choose the Voice you want to use for your VoiceBot from the dropdown menu. Click on Show advanced options to select the Speed and Pitch for your VoiceBot. 


Speed and Pitch

  • Fill out the Script the VoiceBot will use during the call. You can choose between Yes/No QuestionsStatement (which can be a greeting, a comment or a call-closing statement), Schedule Meeting or Transfer Call


  • First, click on Yes/No to add your first question. Use Smart Tags (i.e. contact first name, company name, etc.) to personalize your message. You can copy them from the help text "How to use smart tags" or by typing ALT + 1 twice. You can add as many Yes/No questions or Statements as you need.

Smart tags 

  • Once you've completed your script, you'll want to go back and make sure you assign Skip Logic to your script. This is an incredibly important step - without Skip Logic, the VoiceBot will just read through the entire script without following the right script path depending on if the lead responds YES or NO to each question. Turn on the Show Logic Map toggle, so you can see the flow of your script. 
Skip logic
Skip flow
  • You can add a Voicemail Message script (optional). This will only be left after VOIQ attempts to call the lead 3 times (3 attempts spaced out hourly).

Add voicemail          Voicemail message

4. Upload your Contacts

In Step 2, List, click on Upload to import a list of contacts to the platform. You have two options here, you can either: 

  1. Skip this step, if you want to trigger your VoiceBot campaign from HubSpot, as you'll be enrolling your contacts directly from your HubSpot account. If that's the case, go straight to step 5 to turn on your Campaign.
  2. Upload a CSV file of the contacts you'd like the VoiceBot to call.

Upload list

  • In order to upload your contacts, you'll need to have your contact data stored in a file on your computer. The spreadsheet must include
  1. The first name, last name, and phone number of the contacts that you want the VoiceBot to call
  2. A header for each column in your file
  3. The correct phone format: If you're calling U.S numbers, it should include the area code. If you're calling outside the U.S, you should add the country code in brackets. 

CSV File

  • After uploading your contact list, on the Map columns screen, you will need to match the columns in your file to the VOIQ fields. Next, click on the checkmark to add the contacts to your campaign and then click on Continue

List map
List validation

  • You'll be able to see the total contacts uploaded by country and timezone. The platform uses the timezones of each of your contacts to make sure the VoiceBot calls them at the right time. It's also very important for when you're setting up appointments over the phone. 

List review

5. Turn on your Campaign

In Step 3 - Summary, review your campaign settings and then toggle on your campaign. The VoiceBot will immediately start calling your contacts if you uploaded a list of records to VOIQ. If you were using VOIQ to build a multi-question script and did not upload a list of records to VOIQ, your campaign will now be visible/searchable in your preferred CRM through the VoiceBot integration.


Check our Support Page or reach us by email at support@voiq.com for help with any questions related to our VoiceBots for HubSpot.

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 1.44.20 PM

How to integrate VOIQ VoiceBots into HubSpot and set them up in workflows

Download our Ultimate Guide to our VOIQ VoiceBot Suite and learn how powerful VoiceBots can be to your Sales and Marketing stack.